Better Automotive Marketing Data

Use Better Auto Marketing Data, Watch Your Bottom Line Soar

Does your automotive marketing fail to get enough people into your showroom? Does your sales staff lack morale because there aren’t enough people to sell to?

If you’re not getting results, you’re not doing all the right things – no matter how convinced you are. And if you have too few people in your showroom, the problem is almost certainly because of your marketing.

The Simple Marketing Budget Truth That Will Make You Successful

You’ve spent anywhere from thousands to millions on your inventory. If you’re not willing to set aside enough money to market your inventory, all the sales persistence, attitude and skill means nothing. Yet spending more doesn’t necessarily mean that you get better results. Spending enough money on the right marketing – now that’s what gets results.

Breakthrough: Target The Right People, Get The Results You Want

It’s so easy to spend all your advertising dollars in the wrong place. Maybe you’re doing the same thing as always because it’s worked in the past. Or perhaps you’re in the “experimental stage” and haven’t yet hit on a working formula.

Yet the most likely problem is this:

Your ad agency doesn’t use or have the proper data to target the right people. Do you buy from the guy who has the most “complete” database, maybe millions of people? Or the company with the newest data technology?

Right answer: Neither.

Here’s why: complete data and data processing are great…but neither truly helps you target the right people. You need someone with experience. Someone who knows which automotive marketing database to use. One company will have the best list of Corvette owners in Michigan. Another database will have the most complete list of car owners in the Great Lakes area. Which one should you use? Depends on what you want.

The key to your success here is simple:

Choose someone who listens to you, asks good questions, and has the experience to suggest the right automotive marketing data. Once you’re clear on targeting the right people, a good ad agency can help you craft a focused message. One that packs a powerful punch to dominate your audience. One that hits the big five numbers that motivate people to buy cars: your price, monthly payment, down payment, financing and trade-in value.

Do you want more happy customers? Buy better data.

Look for and use an experienced automotive marketing data provider.

The automotive marketing results speak for themselves.

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