Address Hygiene For Your Automotive Marketing

Why You Need Address Hygiene For Your Automotive Business

Address hygiene can be defined as the purity and precision of a company’s postal addresses on its mailing list. This form of hygiene is directly correlated with the effective sending and delivery of direct mail. Thus, ensuring that your client address listing is clean will improve the efficacy of your direct marketing campaign. Good hygiene of your addresses will result in a small number of mails not being delivered, while poor hygiene will lead to a higher number of rejected mails because they were never delivered.

As an automotive dealer, making the best of your marketing campaign will require you to employ the use of working approaches that will ensure better ROI returns for your endeavors.

However, one thing that most people forget to take care of is the hygiene of their data. Let’s face it, people will move, sell their cars or even die. With this comes change. Improving the hygiene of your data, more so if you want to see better returns on investment from your mailing lists, it is important that you work on cleaning up your mailing-list addresses.

Management Of Your Mailing-List Addresses

With movement and changes taking place all the time, data changes. People change their minds, decide to move on or leave all together. When such changes take place, keeping up with them will be important if your marketing campaign is going to be successful. Improving the hygiene of your addresses will help increase the response rate and decrease costs each time you mail your clients. At National Auto Data, we understand this and that is why we wish to help our clients by offering exemplary data hygiene solutions to improve the efficiency of their marketing endeavors.

To help improve your data hygiene, especially when it comes to mailing list addresses, we offer services that are aimed at updating all the essential information for improved solutions. Some of our address solutions include:

Proprietary Change Of Address

Our one-of-a-kind PCOA process takes the management of standard address changes to the next level. This process utilizes change of address data files, providing information that would otherwise not have been easily processed using other approaches. An individual’s move is processed at a more individual level for better accuracy.

Deceased Suppression

Our systems are able to flag and remove individuals who are already deceased from your company’s internal data before you start mailing. This way, ineligible addresses are no longer a part of your mailing list.

DMA Suppression

Under this option, we flag and remove all Do Not Mail listed individuals; keeping you from spending time and money sending mail to people who won’t receive your mail.

Address and Name Verify

Under this option, we help you verify consumer presence before mailing. Maybe the person you are planning on mailing moved. By verifying their name and address information we ensure that their info is as current and as accurate as possible.

By addressing such issues as this, improving the hygiene of your mailing-list addresses becomes easier and subsequently leads to better ROI for your marketing endeavors. For more information on address hygiene, contact us today.