Don’t Lose On Tax Season

Warning: Don’t Lose On Tax Season, Profit From Your Car Buyers!

The key to success for any car dealer is getting your automotive data updated early, often, consistently and effectively.

These following ideas produce repeat business. Why? We all need to file our taxes every year and everybody sooner or later needs to buy another car. Whether or not they purchase this year or next, when it’s time, the buyers will know where to go if you’ve marketed the right way.

Did you know that a good half of all taxpayers who get a refund will spend their whole refund within 48 hours? Yes, it’s true. Of this group, studies reveal that a vehicle purchase is the number one way they will spend their new chunk of change.

Where do you begin?

To begin ramping up your dealer marketing so that it really works, you want to display your tax refund banners and indoor advertising materials immediately.

You’ll also want to freshen your vehicle owner data as soon after or before the new year. If you’re still mailing people using an old list, you’re bound to fail. Those people moved and sold their cars, which means you’re no longer relevant. Avoid this and pick up the best list.

Obviously, not everybody who visits your lot is really ready to buy. The down payment is often one of the biggest obstacles. No matter what time of year it is, let people know that you can file their taxes. They’re far more likely to come back to you during tax time. Whenever shoppers leave your lot, salespeople should remind them (no matter what time of year it is), that you give tax refunds.

Your dealership is already doing some kind of advertising. Why not piggyback your current advertising with a new marketing list? If your current efforts aren’t getting the results you want, why not try something better?

Keep this in mind: over 80% of your first quarter sales due to tax returns will occur between January 15th and February 15th. Almost all of the other 20% is going to be from February 15 to April 15. So be ready! Customer volume throughout the fourth quarter closely follows the holiday buying season that spikes around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Use all three of the following steps for the best results with your tax refund sales. One of these items might help a little, but a blend of all 3 is what really works.

Take Action

Step One: Get people to your lot with whatever you can – use print ads, postcards, direct mail, email, radio, and TV.

Step Two: Tell your customers once they reach your lot – remind them that you can help them with tax refunds. (use such things as: banners, hood signs, realtor signs, table tents, posters and hang tags) The point is take action!

Step Three: Educate your sales staff – answer phones, and ask your walk in people if they have filed their taxes. “Bring your W2’s, drive out today!”

Catch your customers’ attention with this, and increase your sales today!