How to Get Millennials to Buy the Most From You

Did you know that 99% expect their car shopping experience to be a hassle?

This is what Driving Sales found via their recent consumer experience survey.

Another helpful stat?

There are now more Millennials (born 1981 to 1997) than there are Baby Boomers.

How do you sell to Millennials?

Here are three things you’ll need to change about your marketing.

Don’t shout your own praises.

How many times do you see the big, irritating, flapping windsock? Followed by the huge sign: “We’re the best!” (Or insert other gag-me superlatives: lowest prices, biggest selection.)

Replace these poke-in-the-eye methods with plain ol’ questions. Millennials love to interact, to be involved, to be asked versus told.

Questions such as: Do you love getting a good deal? Does a bigger selection make car buying easier?

Whether you’re building a radio or TV ad or even Twitter.

How about:

“Tell us how you’d like to buy your next car @NorthFortyFord #carshoppingfun”

Respect people.

“We do that already,” you say? Please go back and look at the opening statistic here.

Uncomfortable fact, isn’t it?

So kick this thought around: Just about every point in the buying funnel has room for improvement.

Are your ads/responses thoughtful and intelligent? Do you encourage further conversation?

For example, do your online ads include links to one of your videos? How about personalized pictures?

Or how about personalized quotes on rates and payments?

These days you can easily do soft pulls of consumer credit (just name and address, no social security number required). Just a thought.

People now expect their online music stations to learn which songs they like.

Why not make their car buying experience personal too?

Ask a Millennial.

Or better yet, hire one.

Put them in your TV ads. Your radio spots. And in your show room.

And even a jingle that Millennials can identify with.

That is, if you want to pull in millennials.

Start seeing your marketing as a mirror to the kind of people you want to attract.

Get rid of the ol’ dealer on the lot thing. Millennials will absolutely tune that out.

They want to see that you’re part of their village, their community.

Still have a Millennial living under your roof? Hey, you’ve got a free focus group!

Ask them how they want to be marketed to.

Are you using all of these techniques to your advantage?

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