How Authentic Is Your Data?

Authenticity is something that each of us depends on. We seek authenticity! If you are going to buy a Cadillac CTS-V you will not settle for a Audi S5, a BMW M3, or a cardboard cut out! And if you are going to buy a NEW CTS-V you expect it to be a NEW CTS-V. The need for authenticity is present and required from the relationships we develop to the brands with which we choose to do business with.

So back to the opening question. Is your auto data authentic? I am referring to that recent conquest mailing that you had your marketer acquire a ‘list’ for. Or that service mailer that your service department depends on. Why is this important?

The Shelby Act and the DPPA are clear that utilization of the DMV, or State Registration information is unlawful for consumer marketing application. There is no way around it! Some “providers” will say that they only get their data from ‘proprietary transactional sources’. Many times these ‘proprietary transactional sources’ are simply a provider that said “hey my data is all good!”. The provider in an effort to build up their numbers takes the source in for face value and bam! “We have the biggest number of records!” “Our data out performs all other!”

Here no evil, say no evil, there must be nothing wrong.

Here no evil, see no evil, there must be nothing wrong.

There are no loop holes, the previously mentioned restrictions do not apply to a certain select states. It applies to all states.

An authentic auto data provider is only going to source from valid and verified non-registration related sources. Some ‘Authentic’ sources include insurance, warranty, and valid service provider data sources (such as aftermarket sales and service data). It will not include Title Data, DMV Data, or data that a source provider can not verify or directly compile.

The most expensive portion of a direct mail campaign is not the data. It is the postage. Hygiene should be a at the top of the list for an authentic data provider. National Auto Data True Auto Owner file is processed through numerous hygiene related processes, records that do not past the test of authenticity are removed from the file. By not keeping records that are more than likely not accurate, we don’t need to compete with others based on quantity. On a monthly average there are over 4 million additions, deletions, and modifications. We make every effort to validate our records by 3 sources, this may remove some records. But it leaves us with authentic and valuable automotive marketing data. We are one of the few sources that can Guarantee with a letter of Indemnification that the data has not been sourced from any “Non-Authentic” sources.

Authentic data insures that you are compliant, it helps make sure that your offers are relevant and timely. Contact us today to see how we can help you!