Keep Your Customers Happy: How To Write Retention Emails

Most customers stay for a great product and exceptional customer service.

Already sold them a car? Email is a great (and easy) way to retain customers.

Yet, you’ll always lose some people due to apathy. They don’t have time or simply don’t care enough to squeeze every last drop of benefit you’re offering.

Every product or service has features people don’t use as much. And there are customers who signed up but forget they did.

That’s where retention emails are so useful. They get your customers more engaged. Whether they are totally inactive or just not completely taking advantage of your services.

How do you know if you’re at risk of losing a customer? If you’re keeping track of the data, it’s easy. (Yes, you should be collecting as much as you can. You are, aren’t you?)

Let’s say you have a service plan for the new vehicle you sold. You want to remind the customer to come in for their routine oil change.

Perhaps the customer signed up for a free trial of an extra service you also offer.

They completed one action – they signed up. But they missed an appointment. Or they let the free trial period lapse. Or they forgot they were paying for a product.

How do you help them take the jump to being a happier customer?

First of all, retention emails are part of a drip campaign. In other words, you don’t just send people one email, but you have a whole plan with a series of emails to send.

Second, these emails are triggered as the result of a behavior (or lack of a behavior).

Third, the emails encourage your customers to get more engaged, or notify them of deals or events they would have otherwise missed.

Here’s a sample retention email you can send:

SUBJECT: Hi Bill, Don’t Miss Your Free Dealer Service

Hi Bill,
Noticed it’s been a while since you and your new car have been to the dealership.

You signed up for the XYZ service, and we wanted to make sure you get all the great benefits from it.

Can we help?

link: Yes, I’d like to reschedule my appointment for service XYZ
link: Yes, I’d like to get my standard oil change, but keep me in mind for XYZ later
link: No, everything is good – I’m super busy at the moment, but remind me later

The Dealership


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