Address Hygiene

Your data changes, and keeping up with those changes is important to successful marketing. It will help decrease costs and increase response rates every time you mail.


Address standardization, deliverability grade and change of address updates going back over the last 48 months including the addition of missing secondary address details (Suite, Unit number) to business addresses. Lower your costs and increase response. (includes CASS/DPV®/LACSLink® with SuiteLink®)

PCOA (Proprietary Change of Address)

Take standard change of address the next step. Our unique PCOA process utilizes proprietary change of address data files to provide information not possible by stand alone NCOALink® processing. Moves are processed at an individual level to provide better accuracy.


Flag and remove deceased individuals from your internal data before you mail.


Flag and remove individuals listed on the DMA Do Not Mail database.


Are you mailing to someone that has long since moved? Verify consumer presence even after processing NCOALink®. Insure your contact information is as accurate and current as possible.


CASS™ is required to qualify for USPS presort, saturation, and automated postal discounts. CASS™ standardizes your data in the USPS® format and provides essential processes to obtain USPS® postal discounts.