Create Great Ads: Keep It Simple

Resist the urge. The one every salesman has.

 What urge?
 To stuff your ads, commercials and communication with too many facts.
 Do you have the biggest dealership, the largest selection, the most helpful salespeople, etc., etc.?


How do you get all that info into your ad?

 Whether it’s a print ad, a video or radio ad it doesn’t matter: you have a teeny, tiny window of opportunity to grab attention.

The headline or the first few seconds is all that counts. And what follows better be pretty good to keep their interest.

You have seconds or just a handful of words to make your point, present an offer and close your ad somehow. (And if you have co-op limitations to follow, you’ll have even less time to talk about your dealership.)

Easy, you say? Of course, you’ll just hire a fast talking voiceover to announce all of your info in an irritating way, right?

Sure, you could pour dollars into this, and maybe see a marginal benefit. People might recognize your dealership a bit more.

Or they might just run away from it!

Don’t kid yourself.

When people see or hear something, their brain immediately runs it through the filter:

Can I tune this out?

Between your eyeballs and the part of your brain connected to your wallet is a ruthless editor.

Here’s its job:

Severely cut out the details. Am I bored or overwhelmed?

Then forget it! I’m ignoring what I see!

To get past this indomitable gatekeeper, you must beat it to the punch.

Don’t give it all those details about how you’re the best. Just focus on one or two things.

Severely cut out the details.


Keep it entertained. Hit it with, “Wow, this is new. I have to act on this!”

If you get people thinking about a couple positive things in your ad, it doesn’t matter they don’t know all the other great things about you.

Because they have such a good reaction…


They’ll assume everything else about your dealership is top notch.

So, are you spending your marketing dollars the best way? Is your dealership overstuffing your ads with too much info?

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