Occupant Lists

The right Occupant List provides you reduced printing and postage costs while gaining better response rate. Saturation marketing is without question a numbers and location game. The one variable you can have true control over is the physical location of your audience.

The determined focus on database maintenance means you have the most up-to-date and complete list possible. Getting the most up-to-date and accurate Occupant Lists and the ability to get the lists customized by specific geographic location in relation to your dealership location can help you to clearly see the possible outcome of your campaign.

Location is usually a essential element in determining whether someone will end up as your customer. Drive time, natural or man-made obstacles, proximity to competitors along with geographic considerations may play a substantial role in response rates.


When you require personalized saturation mailing.

OccupantName is really a powerful tool that enhances list response by creating a saturation campaign with more personalization.

OccupantName is National Auto Data’s Resident List file of USPS Deliverable Addresses with head of household name appended where available. Providing you coverage into approximately 70% of deliverable addresses with current Head of Household’s name. You will still obtain saturation postage rates, but typically create a higher response rate through personalization.

If you need the ultimate in Occupant List Marketing – with names – then OccupantName is the solution for you.