Catch This Wave Now: Mobile Profits Soar

Mass-market consumers purchased 335% more with their mobile devices this year.

So says MarketLive. They measured millions of consumer’s buying patterns and compared the results for Q2 2014 with Q2 of 2015.

Brick and mortar shops (including car dealers) saw an increase of mobile purchases exceeding 200%.

So do people actually tap the buy button to get a new car? Not yet, but you cannot ignore the power of these devices.

You should be sending helpful push notifications (such as reminders and promotions) via text message (AKA the technology called SMS.)

You’ll also want to format your emails so they can easily be read on a cell phone.

The MarketLive study showed that phones are far outpacing tablets for online mobile device traffic: (29.4% for phones, 12.9% for tablets) and online revenue (13.1% for phones versus 12.9% for tablets.)

Responsive designed websites now make it easier for mobile shoppers to see and compare products, search prices, check out your dealership.

In a recent press release, Ken Burke, CEO of MarketLive said:

Consumers have shifted their buying patterns to mobile commerce faster than many retailers realize. We’re now seeing merchandise traditionally purchased in-store… increasingly being purchased online from smartphones. And, shoppers are seeking out their favorite brick-and-mortar brands online and expecting their websites to work on any device. We’re calling this trend ‘Commerce Anywhere the Customer Wants It,’ and the more agile retailers and category leaders are outpacing their competitors by constantly adapting to—and embracing—a retail landscape where technology, consumers and markets are evolving at breakneck speed.


Certainly email and direct mail are not dead. In fact, they are very much alive and effective.

However, you’ll want to put as much effort into reaching your mobile audience. Good data providers can supply you not only with names and emails, but with mobile numbers for reaching people via text.

Are you using these techniques to your advantage?

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