New Movers Don’t Miss The Value

Value of New Mover Lists

New mover marketing is widely regarded as being one of the most lucrative approaches in getting quality leads who are willing to spend money. Many businesses make a significant amount of money by establishing and utilizing their new mover lists on a regular basis. It is a tactic that has been around for a long time and is appreciated by industry experts because of its consistent results. Let’s take a look at the value of new mover marketing and how it can also help with automotive marketing.

Eager to Purchase

New mover lists are all about finding new movers as recent as possible. Marketers will often run into situation where the target market is simply not ready to spend. When an individual is put onto a new mover list, they are immediately signalling their willingness of being ready to spend without saying anything.

This is the real value of a list of this kind and the marketing approach in general. It does all of the filtering on its own without the business having to put in a lot of effort.

Have Money in Hand

New mover marketing has earned a lot of praise in terms of being a positive tactic because these new movers have money to spend. They have money in hand that is just waiting to be spent after a little bit of quality, professional marketing is directed their way. Most new movers will have money left on the side that is going to be used to spend on additional purchases. This is where a business comes in and markets to them in order to get the conversion.

46% of Americans Have Moved Within Past Five Years

What does this fact establish? It demonstrates the core value of a new mover list. There is nothing better than being able to tap into at least 46% of the entire population in one shot. In a span of five years, 46% of the entire nation’s population has moved. This means, they were also part of the list at one point which could have been targeted.

The potential is sky high with this kind of marketing and coupled with the previous benefits listed above, it is a recipe for big success and big money.

New Mover Marketing and Automotive Industry

Upon moving, an individual will have to go and update their records along with making changes to their automotive plans. It can be compared to hitting the ‘refresh’ button on a computer. This is a common practice and in return makes them highly value for the automotive industry. Whether it has to do with changing insurance providers or changing vehicle service locations, new mover marketing helps filter out prospective clients who are ready to spend.

The automotive industry is often seen as one of the biggest beneficiaries of new mover marketing and will continue to remain so as time goes on.