Get More Vehicle Buyers: Why You Should Personalize Your Emails

“It’s kind of the ultimate marketing strategy, right?”

“The ability to put the right product in front of the right customer at the right time – personalization is the epitome of that now,” says Daniel Neukomm, CEO of La Jolla Group – the parent company of action sports apparel brands Metal Mulisha and O’Neill.

How do the discoveries of the clothing industry apply to automotive marketing?

At first, La Jolla Group sent emails in a batch-and-blast style and only segmented its customers based on gender. This wasn’t very successful in targeting the younger age group they were after.

However, through experience the company learned the importance of dividing their prospects up into more groups (segmentation).

They also took advantage of what’s called aggregated consumer data.

As people shop and browse, they voluntarily leave behind info useful for sellers.

The best data companies put these puzzle pieces together and offer a gold mine of information to help merchants better target consumers.

Store owners can learn so much about their ideal customer’s interests and lifestyle. And all of this is so powerful in predicting who will buy and when.

Neukomm adds:

“For a long time people thought that email was going to get phased out by social messaging, text, and other dominant channels. But the reality is our consumer is a media snacker. They consume content through so many different mediums – a lot of which they don’t really want commerce-type communications through….  I don’t know that a consumer wants to be sold something on Instagram; Facebook notoriously failed at trying to provide a shopping environment. It’s just wrong place, wrong time. Email is a place where consumers expect to talk about commerce.”

Yes, increasing open rates, click-throughs and conversions are all good goals. Yet more important than this is customer experience.

How will your communication make them feel about your brand?

Sure, recommending the right car to someone is important.

But making people happy and putting your brand in the back of their head?


Are you using all of these techniques to your advantage?

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